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Philip Stein Editorial

On October 7, 2014
By Connie

I had a great time shooting these Philip Stein watches the other day.  I’ve been shooting a lot of fashion and video lately so it was really nice to shoot a still life editorial again.

I almost forgot how much I enjoy a quiet day in the studio focusing on precise product lighting.  I sort of tune out the busy world around me and zero in on my set bubble.  It can be quite peaceful to zone out on a creative project of this nature, where it feels like it’s just me and my inanimate object of a subject.  Time slows down, or maybe it only feels like that because I’m staring at clock faces stuck at the exact same second for hours on end!

In any case, I’m very happy with the final series, and I’m grateful I got to enjoy a day of quiet tinkering.  Studio life for the win.





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