Behind the Scenes Stop Motion

On October 26, 2014
By Connie


Check out my behind the scenes stop motion of our homewares photo shoot last week.  I set up a camera on a tripod next to my shoot camera and set it to interval shoot mode so it would automatically take a shot every 5 seconds.  There were a few times I paused the camera for longer chats about the shoot, but I still ended up with over 1000 frames!

I actually had to edit out a lot in order to get the pace of the video to feel just right.  It turns out that making lots of incremental adjustments to cushions isn’t all that interesting to watch repeatedly – even in fast forward.  The final video has about 350 frames.  Even though I cut out about two thirds of the original footage, it still shows a pretty good overview of our styling process.  The shoot itself took about 2 hours with a big chunk of that time devoted to making styling adjustments.  Big props to our stylist guru Bri Lurhmann – fantastic work as usual!

Tony Bianco Sunglasses

On October 19, 2014
By Connie

Hello summer!  Nothing else better signals the start of sunnier days ahead than the changing of clocks for daylight savings.  That jump of just one hour really makes a difference.  I’ve been loving the cycle home from the studio with the warm sun at my back instead of those chilly, dark evenings in winter.   The approaching summer also means that sunglasses are now our favourite must-have accessory.  So, I was more than happy to create this fun editorial of Tony Bianco sunglasses.  We were lucky enough to also have some colourful bedsheets in the studio for a different shoot when I walked by and thought these would make a great background, and so voila!  Instant awesomeness!



Philip Stein Editorial

On October 7, 2014
By Connie

I had a great time shooting these Philip Stein watches the other day.  I’ve been shooting a lot of fashion and video lately so it was really nice to shoot a still life editorial again.

I almost forgot how much I enjoy a quiet day in the studio focusing on precise product lighting.  I sort of tune out the busy world around me and zero in on my set bubble.  It can be quite peaceful to zone out on a creative project of this nature, where it feels like it’s just me and my inanimate object of a subject.  Time slows down, or maybe it only feels like that because I’m staring at clock faces stuck at the exact same second for hours on end!

In any case, I’m very happy with the final series, and I’m grateful I got to enjoy a day of quiet tinkering.  Studio life for the win.





About Connie

I was that geeky camera chick who spent her high school lunch breaks in the darkroom.  I still miss the smell of those stinky developer chemicals.  Sort of.

Born in Canada, I graduated with top honours in Applied Photography at Sheridan College before spending several years assisting and producing for  some of the best commercial shooters in Toronto.  After gathering a wealth of valuable skills and getting my first DSLR, I bought a plane ticket to Asia.

It was my first backpacking adventure, but I managed to survive nine months from Seoul to Singapore with only some shoddy mandarin and a lot of luck.  I had the time of my life. So I did it again.  Seven months of zig-zagging around India and Nepal taught me ingenuity with limited resources, clarity when surrounded in chaos, and how to eat with just my right hand.

Sydney became my new home in 2008, and I’ve been enjoying the sunny weather and great coffee ever since.

Today, I’m a fashion and product photographer extraordinaire.  Based at Studio 8 in the northern beaches of Sydney, I relish the challenge and precision of studio lighting.  My clients are drawn to my clean, stripped back approach to every project.  My simplistic yet direct style is refreshing and elegant in a market full of heavily Photoshopped images.

When I’m not in the studio you can find me hand folding dumplings or scaling walls at the rock climbing gym.  I’m also really good at winning board games (or my friends are just really good at losing).



Finalist – Shoot The Chef 2013
Top 5 – Australia’s Emerging Travel Photographers of 2010 – Capture Magazine
Winner – Best Marketing Imagery Award 2010 – New Mardi Gras
Semi-finalist – Shutterbug Awards 2010 – Shutterbug
Short-listed – Travel Photographer of the Year 2009 – TPOTY
Finalist – Cultural Explorers 2009 – STA Travel
Winner – World in Focus 2007 – Photo District News
Top Emerging Photographers of 2007 – Photo Life Magazine