Seoul Stopover

On December 20, 2013
By Connie


The long haul flight over the Pacific is never an easy stroll through the park.  This year we decided to make a short stopover in South Korea on our way to Toronto.

Visiting Mount Namsan was definitely a cultural experience.  Aside from the typical amazing views most major cities make accessible in order to attract hoards of tourists every year, this particular tourist attraction was also geared specifically at couples.  Named Kiss Kiss Paradise (what?!?), the viewing platforms had been advertised as THE place for couples to pronounce their unending love by symbolically attaching a personally decorated lock to the wall of lovers’ padlocks.

There were countless locks of all shapes and colours.  Animal shapes and the random phone covers were particular standouts but not uncommon. Not wanting to miss a deep cultural experience, we promptly bought our own little green lock from the conveniently placed gift shop.  Can you spot our special little green lock?  I drew the panda myself.



Xmas Party!

On December 8, 2013
By Connie


Another year, another great Christmas party!  This year’s theme was a masquerade ball.  I actually had enough foresight to do my mask shopping right after the theme was announced.  All the Halloween costumes were still on sale in stores and I nabbed my lace bunny ears for a bargain.

The ladies and I had a blast getting ready for our big night right at the studio.  One of the perks of working at a big studio is that there are plenty of mirrors for all of us ladies to do our make-up and hair at the same time!  We turned up the tunes, laid out some nibbles, and had some great laughs doing our own private photo shoot.

The Christmas party was held at Cala Luna in Mosman overlooking Middle Harbour.  Being that it was the third year running that we’ve booked this restaurant, we were expecting the same amazing food and service as previous years.  Sad to say that both have fallen in quality.  I actually left the dinner table still hungry since my chicken was so dry I could no longer swallow it once the sauce was all eaten up.  They also denied us tea or coffee claiming that the barista had gone home.  Since when do you need a barista to make you a cup of tea?!  Needless to say, we won’t be returning.

Still, all you need is good friends and a maybe a little bubbly to have a wonderful time.  We danced till our heels had to be kicked off.  Then we kept dancing some more.
What a lovely way to ring in the holidays.  I’ll be taking off soon to spend Christmas and New Years back with my family in Canada so it was really nice to have a big night out with the team.

Diesel Photo Shoot

On December 1, 2013
By Connie


Just a quick entry this week from us folks at Studio 8.  We’ve been super busy these last few weeks with all the sales and promos coming up to Christmas.  Between all the photo shoots, retouching classes, and updating my portfolio, I’ve hardly had a chance to slow down!  Can’t wait for the holidays to finally arrive.

Here’s a taster of what we’ve been up to lately.  We’ve had the pleasure of recently welcoming back Jordan Coulter from his many months wowing the masses in London.  We paired him with a current favourite of ours, Kristina Agioski, for our latest Diesel photo shoot.

Below are some shots from the shoot.  Effortlessly cool, comfy yet stylish, Diesel apparel is always an easy sell.  The clothing speaks for itself.


About Connie

I was that geeky camera chick who spent her high school lunch breaks in the darkroom.  I still miss the smell of those stinky developer chemicals.  Sort of.

Born in Canada, I graduated with top honours in Applied Photography at Sheridan College before spending several years assisting and producing for  some of the best commercial shooters in Toronto.  After gathering a wealth of valuable skills and getting my first DSLR, I bought a plane ticket to Asia.

It was my first backpacking adventure, but I managed to survive nine months from Seoul to Singapore with only some shoddy mandarin and a lot of luck.  I had the time of my life. So I did it again.  Seven months of zig-zagging around India and Nepal taught me ingenuity with limited resources, clarity when surrounded in chaos, and how to eat with just my right hand.

Sydney became my new home in 2008, and I’ve been enjoying the sunny weather and great coffee ever since.

Today, I’m a fashion and product photographer extraordinaire.  Based at Studio 8 in the northern beaches of Sydney, I relish the challenge and precision of studio lighting.  My clients are drawn to my clean, stripped back approach to every project.  My simplistic yet direct style is refreshing and elegant in a market full of heavily Photoshopped images.

When I’m not in the studio you can find me hand folding dumplings or scaling walls at the rock climbing gym.  I’m also really good at winning board games (or my friends are just really good at losing).



Finalist – Shoot The Chef 2013
Top 5 – Australia’s Emerging Travel Photographers of 2010 – Capture Magazine
Winner – Best Marketing Imagery Award 2010 – New Mardi Gras
Semi-finalist – Shutterbug Awards 2010 – Shutterbug
Short-listed – Travel Photographer of the Year 2009 – TPOTY
Finalist – Cultural Explorers 2009 – STA Travel
Winner – World in Focus 2007 – Photo District News
Top Emerging Photographers of 2007 – Photo Life Magazine